Tuesday, April 7, 2009

From the Ashes

Last week we visited the scene of last July's forest fire. Here's the view from Karanlik Limani at the southern end of Guzelyali. The slope used to be covered with pines.

Here's the view from above Turgutreis Tabyasi, the WWI cannons that used to be hidden in forest. The road is the Izmir road as it rises on the way to Intepe and used to be hidden among the trees as the whole area was forested.

Here's the lower cannon, looking exposed.

A wider view shows the edge of the fire damage.

Looking up to the wind turbines at the top of the ridge.

Logs stacked for transport.

The newly exposed view over Guzelyali, across the Dardanelles to the Abide monument at the tip of the Gallipolli Peninsula.
And a newly-planted sapling...

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