Friday, September 11, 2009


This has been a momentous week; Little Boy Blue started in preschool! Day One was fine, very happy to be there, no tears at drop off or pick up. Day Two we had tears at drop off, and Day Three was the same. Day Four and Five were grand. You see, Baba aka the Handyman dropped him to school the last two days so there was no traumatic 'my Mammy's leaving me' moments. Little Boy Blue seems to be enjoying it so far, though he is not eating his lunch. Also his bedtime routine is a little out, but that will adjust. The Brown-Eyed Girl is being a great big sister, checking up on him from her classroom and giving him lots of helpful advice!

This means I'm home alone for the day now! And that would be wonderful except I haven't really had a chance to enjoy it and won't for a while either. I start driving school on Monday and will spend a few hours each weekday for the next four weeks learning all I need to know for a written test at the end of October. If I pass that there's a practical test at the end of November. This week has been spent running around trying to get all the paperwork required which included health report, criminal record (or rather proof of not having one), translation of degree and proof of address. Now the Handyman must take some wonderful, flattering photos of me over the weekend and I'll be ready to start.

In other news I've just started another blog! This time it's a wordpress one and will be an effort to stretch my writing muscles before getting started on my daily novel-writing stint. My only guideline is that it should be fiction. So pop over for A Little Diversion.