Monday, April 13, 2009

Foreign Festivities

Take any holiday of whatever persuasion;
Turkish, Irish, religious or not,
Even birthdays or weddings inclusive,
Consider all as available.

First is the food; there are norms,
Unmissable treats for each day,
Turkey or trifle, helva or sarma,
Make each with whatever’s available.

Second is tradition; what should be done,
Each holiday has its demands.
Parades or prayers, family visits or rituals,
Each observed with whatever’s available.

Third is enjoyment: these are celebrations!
And each has a special appeal.
Decorations or dances, playacting or music,
Each played with whatever’s available.

Fourth is the atmosphere; that elusive goal.
It grows best with numbers of revelers.
Solemn or silly, formal or fun,
It relies not on whatever’s available.

The result is soon over, with little regard
For the effort of all those involved.
Tradition true, or hollow pretense?
That depends on whoever’s available.

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