Monday, October 27, 2008


It doesn't happen very often but this weekend I was watching Blogger. I was waiting for a piece I wrote to be published on the Kingdom of the Expat Wives Detective Agency. I checked in a Friday afternoon but couldn't get through to Blogger. Didn't think much about it and checked again on Saturday to find that Blogger has been blocked by Diyarbakir Criminal Court. The whole website and all the blogs it hosts including my own. Why it has been blocked has been rumoured to be illegal activities, slander against creationists and even broadcasting live football matches, but nothing is definite.

I've managed to get around the block. It's a DNS ban enforced by TTNet, the main internet provider here in Turkey. Blogger joins, Youtube, and over a thousand other websites. Wordpress was blocked last year thoug it has been reopened now, so moving the blog is not a solution.

Anyway here's the link to the first part of the mystery I wrote Rear Window - Turkish Style


  1. I enjoyed the story. Is it based on some kind of personal experience?

  2. No, all imagination. Though the attitude that being a Christian (or for that matter any sort of non Muslim) is something to be hidden is normal. There have been attacks on religious organisations which make people cautious.