Thursday, October 16, 2008

Curious Girl

The Brown-eyed Girl asked a question the other evening after her bedtime story. Asking questions is a routine event, most being merely 'Why?' But this one got me thinking.
"How do you know the story's over?" she looked at the picture of the Little Wooden Horse in the book. "How do you know without turning the page?"

'Because it is', was the first response in my mind but I controlled myself.
'Because the baddy's been killed/eaten/banished', didn't seem a positive message.
'Because everyone's happy', only applies to some stories; even fairy tales ended badly for someone.
'Because the crisis has been resolved', seemed a little advanced for a four-year old.
'Because the loose ends are all tied up', would have led to a discussion of what a loose end was.
'Because it can't go on without introducing something else' didn't quite explain what I meant.

"Because the book is called 'Five Minute Stories' and five minutes are up" did quite nicely.


  1. Have come to your blog via KWENDA - and I'm the very first to comment! Seems something of an honour.

    I think I'm going to enjoy your tales of Turkish life. I liked this story of how your daughter is already developing her own sensitivity to literature, at such a tender age. What a marvelous question - and like you, I'd find it very hard to think of an answer.

  2. Thanks for the comment iota. It's a little quiet over here alas.
    (Ok I admit to being a little shy about posting elsewhere which may affect it a little)