Friday, February 26, 2010

Mapping My Worldview

Inspired by Rose Deniz' wonderful post about finding her path I've made a map of my own. This isn't a path though, just two snapshots placed side-by-side to show how my worldview has changed. The left focuses on my parent's house, and hence my childhood and schoolyears; the right is where I am now. After that I think you can work it out for yourselves. It shows that I may be physically grounded while being a global connector in other ways, a counterpoint to Anastasia's post about the subject.

The reason I'm thinking about this is that I'm due to take part in the inaugural Dialogue2010, a discussion with nine other women scattered around the globe about mapping and living a hybrid life. Tune into the podcast once it's live and see what we all have to say!


  1. It's funny, but when I first looked at your map, it reminded me of what happens when a cell divides; when new life begins to form. Seems to be an appropriate representation of what happens when we set down roots in our adopted homeland.

  2. That's a very apt analogy! Linked and yet separate, pulling together or apart as circumstances demand.