Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Attention, please..

I had great plans to write a wonderful post today but after a night of interrupted sleep and a child with a rash to think about my mind is not fully focused. Instead I'll just get to the point!
Photo credit: NASA, public domain

I'll be participating in World Blog Surf Day on Saturday. Thirty-one expat bloggers will blog about 'Food', linking to each other in a chain. All organised by Sher. Thank you very much. Anastasia Ashman will be tweeting about the posts.
So check in here and you can travel around the world from your armchair!


  1. Hi Yazar,
    Great blurb about WBSD!! Can't believe it's only days away!

    Be sure to visit http://sheroffthebeatenpath.blogspot.com to see the link list for Saturday!

    Good luck with your post!! Looking forward!!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  2. Thanks Sher!
    Looking forward to it too....


  3. Hi Yazar,
    I'm sorry to hear about you not having sleep and a sick child! I sure hope you both get some good rest, and hope your child will be feeling better very soon!!!

    Thanks for making a post promoting WBSD and for the blurb Anastasia!

    Have a good night,
    Sher :0)