Friday, December 5, 2008

The Skaian Gates

Well here it is at last - The Skaian Gate

The Southern gate to Troy VI, also called the Dardanos Gate, is believed by some to be the Skaian gate mentioned in the Iliad. The remains of a tower are seen to the left with standing stones at its base. You can also see a drain running down the middle of the road capped by a single flagstone. The white tent in the background covers the partially reconstruction of some of the oldest remains found on the site and represents the level of the hilltop before excavations began.

The model of the Wooden Horse of Troy at the entrance to the site.

A Trojan Oak (Quercus Troias).


  1. Thanks so much for posting these pictures and information. Our visit two Troy in "06" was the first of many thrilling discoveries in Turkey. We have been back twice since, and already are planning another visit.


  2. Troy is quite a special place alright. I hope you have as good a time on your third visit as on the previous ones!

  3. In Romania there is plenty of toponyms with Șchei (to read SHKEY): the Șchei gate in Brașov city and the Șchei fortress near Suceava (medieval capital of Moldova) are the most important of them. Taking into account that the Dardans were Thracians which spoke a language similar to Dacians, one can suppose that the word Skai (Șchei) have a specific meaning.